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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

saskatoon, saskatchewan, selks, and so-longs.

Before you read anything, these clips from my visit are just too cute not to watch.

I spent last week in the sunny city of Saskatoon with Jantz, Katie and the boys.
We spent the days playing paw patrol, building lego, running from monsters, being numerous superheroes, eating delicious food, swimming, skating, searching for stolen phones, watching the Mindy Project, celebrating birthdays, jammin' to tunes, and let's not even mention the goodbyes.
I feel so blessed to be the Aunt of such amazing little boys. Nixon and Benson absolutely melt my heart. I was able to see Benson's personality even more throughout the week. He's a little firework, he smiles all the time, he's determined, and I love him to bits! I can't wait to see how Benz changes while I am gone. He is going to be talking the next time I see him. Weird! I was also able to be there during Nixon's 4th birthday. What a little stud. He can make friends faster than anyone I have ever seen—it doesn't matter if they are old or young, everyone loves that kid...but I am probably his biggest fan.
One moment of the trip that I will never forget was on my last night there. We were driving home from Nix's birthday dinner, and a few blocks before pulling up to the house we blasted a kid's remix of "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission." We were all singing, and laughing and dancing in the minivan, and everything just hit me all at once. Luckily I was sitting in the very back seat so no one could see my silent tears as I cherished the perfect moment.
Friday came too quick and before I could comprehend it I had said goodbye to my brother and his little family. The tears started as we dropped Jantz off at school that morning, and I stepped out to give him one last hug and say goodbye for a year and a half. Katie and the boys then dropped me off at the airport. I gave Nix and Benz a big hug, and as I was hugging Katie I heard Nixon excitedly say, "She's going to be a missionary Benz!!" It was another precious moment I will treasure forever.
I have the most incredible family. Jantz and Katie have always been there for me, and I feel so blessed to have gotten to spend the past week with them. I look up to them and appreciate them more than they will ever realize. I cannot wait to see how their family grows over the next year and a half!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

a Christmas update

Life has been a bit of a blur lately. I could have sworn I just got home 3 days ago...not 3 weeks ago.
So here's a little update on the last moments of 2014 and the first moments of 2015:

On December 20th, I was able to start off the Christmas season perfectly by going through the temple for the first time with my entire family. Incredible. That's all I'm going to say about that. Oh, and G's are the bee's knees if you know what I'm sayin.

We did a LOT of cooking, baking (gluten-free of course), eating, snacking. You name it, we ate it.

This year was especially fun because we had the whole family around for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  We have two traditions on Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve Fondue & Christmas Eve Books. Both a major success.

One of my favourite moments of the holiday was being woken up by Nix whispering "Kayla, it's time to get up, it's Christmas!" We were up opening stockings and presents by 6:00! It's been a while since we've had to be up that early on Christmas, but we all know Katie just couldn't wait any longer! ;) There's nothing better than watching a kid on Christmas though. Nix and Bens were loving every minute of it (even though poor Benson got sick). Having a bight taken out of the carrot we left out was almost as big of a hit as the presents.  The other highlight of the day was getting video clips that Mason's parents recorded from their skype conversation. Although I didn't get to talk to him, I cannot tell you how good it was just to hear his voice. I can't complain one bit, this Christmas was perfect.

Ummm....What? For the past 20 years of my life, the Johnson family has ALWAYS gotten together on Boxing day, but this year—for the first time in my life!!! it was cancelled!!! Can you sense the distress? That's because I was absolutely shocked. One of my last opportunities to see all the Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins before my mission, and it was cancelled. I'm still not over it, but maybe by Christmas of 2016 I will be.
We headed down to visit the newest addition to our family (the cabin) on the 27th and stayed through the New Year. Lindsay even flew up from Utah to join all of our adventures. It was a blast, and the perfect way to celebrate a new year! Can you believe it is 2015?!