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Friday, 28 November 2014

orthopaedic shoe stores

Laying on a typical springy, squeaky, and uncomfortable bed that a futon tends to consist of in our Las Vegas condo and realizing how absolutely exhausted I am. Vegas was supposed to be a vacation. A time to get away from all the stress of school work and to relax a little before finals week totally destroys my soul. Dramatic? Nah. But instead my body aches from being so tired.
Guys. Shopping is hard work. I don't care what anyone says.
For the past couple of days I have been on the hunt for mission clothing. 
I have probably been into every hideous, orthopaedic shoe store there is, and unfortunately...there are a lot.
I have tried on more skirts that barely hit above the knee than I ever hoped to try on.
I'm sure my hair will be pure static for the rest of my life from ripping on and off shirts all day.
And I am tired.
Worn out.
WASTED. Appropriate for Vegas, Yeah?!
I don't want to shop any more.
Give me 10 white shirts, a couple pairs of dress pants, and some ties.
I will take that any day.
But tomorrow, unfortunately, it will start all over again. Is this skirt the right length? Will it go with at least 10 different shirts? Can I run, hop, skip, and jump out of a moving bus if needed in it?
The struggle is real.
And I'm now going to go to bed with the fear that I will dream about Chinese men in orthopaedic shoe stores.
UGH. Shudder. 

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