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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Phamous up in Vegas

Since American Thanksgiving doesn't hold much significance to the Selk family, we usually hit up Vegas for the week. Rawley, Lindsay and I left Monday evening and met up with the 'rents who flew in earlier that morning. Every year we stay in the same condo—its familiar, its comfortable, and I love our Vegas trips.

This year I knew the majority of the time would unfortunately be spent mission shopping. And that is exactly what happened. Shopping in crowds. Shopping under stress. Shopping with specific guidelines. All things that I dread. To say that I was sick of shopping by the end of the week would be an understatement.

skirts were found,
shoes were bought,
and I am...

Some of my favourite memories of the week were:
Spending precious time with my family, treasuring the simple moments while I can.
Watching Food Network with Mom. Always my #1 idea of a good time.
Capriottis mouthwatering bobby sandwich. Every year without fail.
Mom's "Swag" face. #mymomiscoolerthanyourmom
Speed Walking Races.
Simple conversations.
Matching sweaters.
Midnight bowling.
Temple baptisms.

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